Studio Underground was formed by a team of two photographers, Anna Buller & Maggie Bradshaw, specializing in all things fashion.

Each bringing our own vision to everything we photograph, we supply this business with two sets of eyes with the same mentality. Though we are based in Lake Charles, Louisiana (Lake Chuck; the most charming city in Louisiana; the heel of "the boot"), we are not rooted here. We are a traveling team, willing and eager to go wherever work takes us. Our goal in fashion photography is to give our all to help other businesses, big or small, present themselves in the best light.


As photographers in a small city where fashion wasn't something that many people cared much about, you can imagine how singular the both of us felt trying to shoot models with professional hair and makeup wearing designer clothes in a place where it was rare to find others who were as passionate about it as we were. Most of our time and money outside of work was spent putting together the things we saw in our head, because even if we weren't making a dime for what we photographed, that is what kept our dreams alive. 

Fast forward to the crazy circumstances that put our paths in the same direction. For the both of us to find a person who loved fashion photography as much as the other seemed rare enough, but to find that person in the same city? Exciting, to say the least. After getting to know each other more and sharing our ideas, we realized that even though our work had it's differences, we as photographers still had the same end goal. The two of us finally put our brains together and collaborated on our first big project, the same project that made us realize how great of a team we were.

What we didn't know was that months later, both of us would receive news (on the same exact day, no less) that would catapult us into action to finally go after what we had been dreaming about for years. We knew what we wanted, and were finally given the circumstances to pursue it. After hearing of a few people taking notice of our "underground fashion movement," we knew exactly what to call ourselves. 











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For the past 10 years, photography has been what has molded me into who I am today. I am mostly self-taught; growing up, I spent most of my free time taking notes and learning from the best in this industry.. The first time I flipped through Interview Magazine though, was when I knew I wanted fashion to be my main focus. Nothing else seemed to catch my eye quite like the texture on a gown, or the expression and attitude a model could deliver to a camera. I admire this industry and am thrilled to be a part of it.